Take power away from Washington insiders and special interests

Americans are rightly concerned that government has been hijacked by Washington insiders and powerful special interests. Government seems to punish those who work hard, play by the rules, and are trying to make a better life. Washington keeps rewarding those with the best lobbyists, not those with the best ideas.

But America can beat Washington. We can start making our own decisions, spending our own money, and getting back our freedom.

How does Washington take our freedom? Three ways: Spending, Taxing. Regulating.

By eliminating wasteful spending programs, reforming the tax code, and reducing red tape, we can restore the balance between citizens and their government.

This year, Americans will work until from January 1 until April 24th just to pay the IRS, according to the Tax Foundation. Regulations cost us another $15,000 per household, while the national debt now tallies over $136,000 per household, up 50% since 2009.

Rather than defending free enterprise or trying to lower the overall costs of government, big business too often spends its resources lobbying for new taxpayer subsidies or tax loopholes. Even worse, they lobby for new rules and regulations that will restrict or eliminate their competition. Obamacare, the Wall Street bailout, the $800 billion stimulus, environmental mandates, and minimum wage increases all passed because they had the active support of corporate special interests.

Think about recent events:

  • Huge companies trying to stick their smaller competitors with higher costs.
  • Established firms trying to eliminate competition, think about Uber.

Mandates and regulations from Washington that pad the bottom line but increase consumer costs while limiting choices. Minimum wage hikes that deny young, unskilled workers a chance at the ladder of opportunity.

It’s time to level the playing field. At CSP, we think taxation, regulation, and spending should, beyond being much more limited, serve a broad public purpose consistent with the Constitution. Fit the true definition of fairness, which is treating everyone equally; and give all citizens and businesses an opportunity to succeed based on their talents and work ethic, not government favoritism.

Toward that end, we believe policymakers should:

  • End the Ex-Im bank and other forms of corporate welfare.
  • Pass fundamental Tax Reform that lowers tax rates and reflects the true cost of raising a family, while eliminating loopholes and special interest deductions.
  • Give the President line-item veto authority.
  • Maintain the ban on wasteful earmarks.
  • Pass legislation, preventing an Obamacare bailout of big insurance companies.
  • Devolve power to states and localities consistent with the Constitution.
  • Ensure that major new regulations must be voted on by Congress, not handed down by unelected government bureaucrats and agencies.